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Chamber of Public Secrets Comisario / Director de equipo Khaled Ramadan y Alfredo Cramerotti Curatorial assistant Rian Lozano de la Pola
Chamber of Public Secrets (Khaled Ramadan and Alfredo Cramerotti) have been collaborating since 2004 in the organisation, production and circulation of film and video festivals, art exhibitions, TV and radio programs, political fictions and documentaries. CPS also develops forums for debate and publishes books and articles about issues such as migration, mobility, representation, colonialism, gender and difference, and how media can support audience engagement. Their projects for Manifesta 8 include the publication of a weekly page in La Verdad newspaper devised by Fay Nicolson (London), five radio programs by Ralf Homann (Berlin) based on the idea of marriage and how it relates to immigration and border policies, (as well as the simple task of buying a wedding dress in a boutique), and a project by the social-activist group Wooloo (Copenhagen and New York) in which a series of local, blind people conduct guided tours in Murcia, in what CPS curator Alfredo Cramerotti refers to as "the transfer of hidden knowledge, to act as a filter of non-visual life in the city". Complete with an aggressive camera team, Thierry Geoffroy (Copenhagen) pokes fun at the on-the-street, in-your-face method of television news reportage. Meanwhile, British-based American artist Michael Takeo Magruder looks at how the media controls our interpretation of news events, compiling, revealing, hiding and re-evaluating information, in this case aligned to the Madrid bombings. He will install his work within the formal exhibition space of MURAM (Regional Museum of Modern Art), a prime example of Belle Epoque architecture in Cartagena. ¿The rest is history? In the vision of CPS, Manifesta 8 is a series of transmissions (including works of art and interventions in the mass media) which use artistic methods and the strategies of negotiation to explore the specific geographic and socio-political structures that define reality today, and its history. CPS seeks out and promotes dialogues which simultaneously occupy and interrupt the basic boundary conditions that define the framework of Manifesta 8, placing them in the public realm through the practices of media production, documentary-making, artistic research and aesthetic journalism.

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