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Groups of all ages, interests and backgrounds are welcome to book a guided tour to Manifesta 8. Tours take the shape of an extended introduction to Manifesta 8, last two hours and include at least two venues per city. We realize that no two people have the same questions or needs, so all of our programmes are made available in a personalized way. Booked guided tours are available in Spanish and English. On request, booked guided tours are also available in Arabic, French, German and Italian (for other languages please consult us). They are free of charge and take place on a a first-come-first-serve basis so please book well in advance to be certain of availability.Should your group have particular interests as far as the content of the tour is concerned please inform us. We will gladly take your wishes into account.

Booking information: Guided tours are free of charge. Booking is possible up to at least 7 days in advance. For more information, questions and booking please contact us at:

Booking hot-line: +34 868 914 414 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:00)
Booking email:


We welcome you to join us for one or more of our free daily open guided tours. During these tours a Manifesta Art Mediator will introduce you to the particular part of the exhibition, visitors will engage in lively discussion about the work on display and will be invited to ask questions and challenge assumptions about contemporary art. You have the choice to join us for one venue or to accompany the Mediator for a number of consecutive venues. Tours are free and take place on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please meet us at the entrance of the venue five minutes prior to the start time.

10.00 MUBAM
11.00 Espacio AV
12.00 Antigua Oficina de Correos
17.00 Molinos de Rio (* except Sundays)
18.00 Cuartel de Artilleria (Meeting Point Pabellón 2, Artillery Barracks)

10.00 Parque Torres Area (Meeting Point: Antiguo Pabellón de Autopsias)
12.00 ARQUA
13.00 Local Social Barrio de Santa Lucia (* except Tuesdays)
16.00 MURAM(* except Sundays)
17.30 Casino Society
18.30 San Antón Prison

More infomation about Art Mediation at Manifesta 8: Medular Blog
How to arrive

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Office Manifesta 8 in Murcia
Pabellón 5, Antiguo Cuartel de Artillería
C/ Madre Elisea Oliver Molina, s/n
Telf.: t+34 868 950 750

Office Manifesta 8 in Cartagena " Museo Regional de Arte Moderno" (MURAM)
Plaza de la Merced, 15-16
30202 Cartagena

Office "Quiosco del puerto"
Muelle Alfonso XII
Cartagena 30201

Office Manifesta Foundation of Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 175 hs 1015 DS
Telf.: +31-206721435 +31206721435

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